The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has lead to a huge rise in popularity of this fantastic attraction. No longer are you required to make that once in a lifetime trip to Vegas (although that is something you should consider). Did you know that poker revenues have increased by in excess of 500% since the arrival of online Poker?

Nowadays, with the birth of poker software and online tournaments, you can experience the vibe of Vegas in the comfort of your own home. Whether you wish to impress your friends or pkv game play poker on a much larger scale, there has been software invented to suit you. You can easily hold a poker tournament from your laptop, PC or television set.

The modern day software will allow you to run a tournament clock, support breaks for an unlimited period of time and even allow you time-outs should you wish to play on a number of tables at the same time.

The poker software can keep you up to pace of exactly what is happening around you. Whether you wish to list an unlimited number of players, keep an eye on the average chip stack or even the next break or starting of a new game. You also have the additional dimensions of being able to store addresses, e-mails and names, thus allowing you to keep in constant contact with your potential opponents.

As a complete beginner to poker, you will find the various software packagesĀ and online poker a great help to you. In addition you will come across numerous bonuses, cash prizes and fluctuating jackpots. The level of security and anti-hacking features will also provide great comfort to your fledgling poker tournaments.


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