Once you have mastered the basics of Texas Hold’em you will quickly discover that your position during a hand will affect how you should play. Many players soon realise that their relative position affects their game, but most underestimate just how important it can be. This is as a result of the dealer moving the button around per turn, in order to ensure that all players present are required to pay a blind.

It is important that you appreciate the value that poker plays, as well as the relationship pkv game between the amount of information you have and the value of it. Put simply, the more information you possess the more effective your tactical decisions will be. If you act blind, then you will find that you rush into trouble.

The majority of hands will typically involve position as a factor of major importance, and so if we are to learn and progress, we too must examine the table is divided according to position. First and foremost, there is the so called early position which will include all blinds and which is located immediately after the dealer button. Without a doubt these are the most challenging to try and play, because you will have all players behind you and you will have no idea as to how powerful their hands are.


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