Do-It-At-Home Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death Guide – How To Fix Your Xbox 3 Red Lights Easily


The popularity of Xbox 360 red rings of death has easily surpassed the console’s fame. I bet $100 that there is bound to be a good number of fellows within your local vicinity, who have been a victim of this prodigal error.

As much as the issue is hot around the globe, there are decent ways to fix the Xbox 360 RROD. By the term “decent”, I’m certainly not referring to those age old towel wrap techniques. They really agitate me, do you know why? For once, the towel itself seems   360 filming     so funny when wrapped around a faulty Xbox 360. The other reason is that the hair dryer or the towel approach doesn’t work at all if the red light error pops up for the second time.

Henceforth, follow my simple and to-the-point mini tutorial that will get you around the Xbox 360 red rings of death issue within an hour. This solution will save you money, and also helps in understanding that the error itself is not a gigantic issue. Moreover, you can run this thing as a side gig on your block to earn a little extra cash!

First off, remove the Xbox 360 faceplate that runs alongside the outer plastic hull.

Continue further with the removal of DVD – Rom drive, Motherboard and the so-called heat reduction fans.

Once you’ve got the motherboard in your hands, hang on to it like dear life. Don’t drop this thing because it’ll ruin your entire repair venture. Turn over the motherboard and locate the x-clamps.

Carefully place two nylon washers on the screws that join the mother board to the x-clamps. This is to ensure that the Xbox 360 motherboard sits on a rubbery bed to avoid any weird series of vibrations.

Go on with your search to locate the heat sink. Snugly fit another two nylon washers on the heat sink holes, and the screws that bind the dissipater to the motherboard.

There’s nothing much to do at this point. Just clean the console with a cotton cloth. I’d have you cleaning the CPU and GPU areas because of a thick film of dust.

Get a soldering gun and solder a thin film of arctic silver compound on the GPU and the CPU area. Don’t go too far with it; you only need to expose a naked flame for 30 seconds.

Finally it is time to put all the pieces back together. Turn on the console; the Red lights will cycle through the power button area.

After a while, the Xbox 360 will shut down on its own. No worries my friend, it happens every time.

Turn on the console again and there you have it! The gaming machine is as good as new.


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