Are you familiar with the concept of booking a plane ticket for a trip, then arriving at the airport and being told that you cannot board the flight since it is full? How is that possible if you have booked and paid for your ticket?

Welcome to the world of overselling.

Everyone oversells – from the air travel companies to the cell phone operators. Overselling is a 웹하드  business model where the business sells more of a resource than they actually have to a group of customers since they know that a large percentage of these customers will never use 100% of the resource.

For example: Airplane companies regularly overbook their flights since they know that not everyone will pitch for the flight. In this way they can make sure that their flights are full regardless of the fact that a percentage of people will cancel or not arrive.

Cell phone companies oversell their talk time – offering huge packages of possible talk time minutes to customers for a very low price since the know that it is not humanly possible to utilize all those talk time minutes in a month. Why do they do it? It offers a very attractive and competitive package to potential clients (Wow! Look at how many talk time minutes I have, for only $very-little).


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