For the past couple of days I have been eagerly waiting a much anticipated Page Rank update and I guess that is why I am writing this post. Every couple of months Google will update Page Rank and this is something that can dramatically improve your search engine traffic, but it can also do more for your web page! Today I am going to be listing 6 Easy Ways to Increase your Page Rank, but first I am going to explain what it is for those who don’t already know.

PR (Page Rank) is a numbered value between 0-10 that is given to a web page based on 웹하드순위 the amount of links pointing in its direction. To put it simply, a page with one thousand links pointing to it should have a higher PR than a page with only ten. Page Rank; however, is not calculated solely on the amount of inbound links but also on their quality.

For example: A page like this about making money online with incoming links from other ‘make money’ blogs will produce a higher PR than a bodybuilding website with the exact same incoming links from those same websites. The reason that they are worth more in the first case is because they belong to the same niche and the links are considered higher quality because they are deemed relevant by search engines.

The great thing about Page Rank is that it is widely accepted as a measurement of a web site’s potential! In my opinion, the best thing about a high PR is that you can sell ad space on those pages easily.. Most people will agree that it is safer to buy advertising space or text links on a higher PR page as opposed to a page with a low PR. I would say that a PR3 is average and anything above that should be monetized! A solid PR6 web page is probably what you should be aiming for because it is within reach.. but it will still take a lot of work on your part, and will not come overnight!


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