Corporate Event Entertainment: 7 Dos and Don’ts  

The little things that make big differences to event success.

The corporate event has such potential – to bring employee’s together, to foster a culture of sharing and openness, to create good memories that will tide employees through hard times at work and help create a far more stable workforce. However, there’s a     team bonding Singapore     reason that most people groan when they open an office Christmas party invitation! Competing interests and demands often lead to corporate event entertainment, activity choices and outcomes that really don’t match the hype over corporate event possibilities. Today we check out some do’s and don’ts for choosing everything from your corporate event entertainment or Melbourne corporate band, to a venue, an activity and a theme.

Do: Ask the people what they want

Many corporate event entertainment organisers feel that if they ask people what they want, there will be so many competing interests that they will only have to disappoint some people anyway. This is quite true – but you can get around it by asking your employees to negotiate an activity amongst themselves. At least everyone has the opportunity to speak and argue for their choice, then!

Don’t: Pit departments or employees against each other

It’s very tempting to make a competition out of corporate events, saying that it’s ‘all in fun’. However, competitive corporate event entertainment that creates teams and names a winner is only guaranteed to foster dissent in the ranks. There may be greater team spirit within small teams, but the overall loss is greater than the gain.

Do: Cover up the silence!

Getting everyone together in one spot only to listen to the twittering of birds is guaranteed to mean your event flops. Music doesn’t have to be the focus of an event, but background music from Melbourne corporate bands is essential to helping people loosen up and feel ready to talk about things other than work. Utilising an actual corporate band in Melbourne rather than an iPod on shuffle means that you get help creating an appropriate playlist, and also create an attention focus for quieter times.


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