Discover Card Bill Payments

One of the many services on offer by Discover is the online bill payment. No more having your payments getting delayed or lost through snail mail. Use the online Discover card bill payments service to pay your bills in time. You can pay your bills now no matter where you are. You can also avail this service to pay your bill on the last due date   Mepco Online Bills Payment     and your payment will be received right away – provided your payment is not later than 5 p.m. Eastern time. On top of this you get this service free of charge!

Discover also offers its cardholders an automatic bill payment service. Through your Discover card you can now pay your merchants and other billers through it. Whether you need to pay to your mobile phone supplier, your Satellite TV or Cable service supplier, your security or Insurance supplier, or anyone else, you can do it all through your Discover card. In addition, with every bill you pay you win rewards!

Biller Directory

To begin with, you need to set up your directory just once. Easy, simple and secure, you need to get online and register for automatic payment of your bills to set up the payments. Discover has a Biller Directory listing many merchants and service providers who accept automatic payment of your bills. If you find any of your billers not listed, you need to enquire from them if they are ready to accept automatic payment from you through Discover card.

The biller may request for information, such as: Biller account number; your Discover Card number; Expiry date of your Discover card; Amount you authorize to be charged; and whether it is a one-time or a regular automatic bill payment. Update the list with those ready to accept automatic payment.

This service form Discover ensures that you pay your regular monthly bills, such as your household bills, every time, in time. You can also make a one time payment. You just need to get online, have your bills ready, and get your billers latest contact information. Paying bills to your multiple and various billers, each and every month, is a chore. Now simply leave it with Discover and you just have to track your payment records, along with tracking your CashBack Bonus.


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