Visit Island Venado – For a True Eco-Holiday Experience



Are you looking to holiday on an exotic tropical island? Then here is a spot for you that are secluded, yet strikingly enchanting. Hidden in the Pacific Ocean is Island Venado, a perfect Holidays 2021 place for an eco-traveler. Island Venado has everything for a dream vacation. You have diverse wild life, hiking, fishing, trekking, and all types of eco-tourism adventures. Experience an unforgettable holiday on a unique tropical island.

About Costa Rica

Did you know that Costa Rica is ranked 1st among the Americas in terms of 2008 environmental index? This is not the only sterling feature of this amazing South American country. Costa Rica is also among the top Latin American countries in terms of Human Development Index and is destined to become the first carbon neutral country by 2021. Being carbon neutral means achieving net zero carbon emissions, an amazing achievement indeed considering the fact that most other countries in the world are struggling to save their environment. To cap it all Costa Rica ranks first in the Happy Planet Index and is also considered the greenest country on the planet. If this does not push you to visit to Costa Rica Island, what else will?

Getting To Island Venado

To access Island Venado you have to first reach San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Travel conveniently by air to reach Santamaria International Airport just outside of the city of San José in the central valley. Thereafter-

Take a bus from San José to Puntarenas. There is a bus every 30 minutes during most of the day.

From Puntarenas hire a car or take a ferry boat to Playa Naranjo. The boat ride is comfortable and fun. The ferry provides bathrooms, food, call booths, Bar Ballerina and most of all karaoke.

Once you reach Playa Naranjo take a water taxi to Island Venado.

Enjoying Island Venado

Ecological adventure travel to Venado offers you a great deal of fun and excitement. This tropical island is known for its green dry forest reserve, amazing flora and beautiful beaches. You can enjoy here,

Boat tours to Nikoya Gulf in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Excellent beaches in Guanacaste

Ambience of mangroves with evergreen tropical trees near tidal coasts

Superb bird watching experience

Horseback riding


Watching and hearing Howler monkeys known for their throaty howls that can be heard up to three miles. Howler monkeys are the loudest of all New World monkeys and Costa Rica is home to the common mantled howler.

Weather Information

Costa Rica being near the equator has a typical tropical climate. It has distinct wet and dry seasons. On coasts like Puntarenas and Island Venado it is hot all year, whereas on mountains it can be cool at night time all year round.



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