Home Remedies For Hair Loss And Great Looking Hair  

Similar to other health-related issues, there also exists many home-made remedies for hair loss and other aspects of hair care. This article will briefly explain some home-made remedies for hair loss (or rather the prevention of hair loss); how to have shiny and healthy hair; getting rid of split ends, and enjoying soft, shiny and manageable  گیاه پاندانوس – پاندانوس    hair as practiced in Asian countries.

Home remedy for hair loss – Take several limes and rub over the whole scalp. Follow up with egg white. Then wrap your hair in a clean towel overnight. The next day, wash your hair with lukewarm water, and rinse with cold water. Try this at least twice a week.

For shiny and healthy hair – Collect some rubber wood, burn them, and dry the ash for a couple of days. Once the ash is dried, proceed to pound them till fine and mix with some coconut oil. Coat your hair with this mixture daily for about 10 minutes. If done right, the results should be evident after a few weeks.

Home remedy to get rid of split ends – Take some coconut milk and boil with some slices of pandanus (Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb.) leaf. When the oil has bubbled up, let it cool. Before retiring for the night, coat your hair with this concoction and cover it (hair) up with a towel or anything you find convenient. The next morning, shampoo your hair as usual. Try this treatment for one week for best results.


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