The Hungary of 1954 – The Greatest Team Never to Win the World Cup

Switzerland, in their ordinary calm and hypercritical style constructed their arenas with exceptionally restricted limits, a long ways from the 200,000 observers that filled the Maracana Stadium in Brazil to watch the host organization play against Uruguay, in what was the play off tie in the 1950 finals.

While there was some restricted TV inclusion, there was little interest in the World Cup in these days in Europe. Britain, as at any point were in a condition of shock subsequent to having been entirely destroyed by Hungary both home and away, and left the competition gently, beaten by Uruguay in the quarter last stages. The 1954 World Cup, since it was controlled by civil servants who were continually changing its recipe, the take out stages were extremely difficult to follow, and it was likely similarly also that press inclusion was restricted, basically from that perspective.

What made the 1954 World cup remarkable were two extraordinary realities: That it was and stays most noteworthy scoring competition throughout the entire existence of the opposition, with no under 140 objectives scored in 26 matches, and the presence of the fabulously gifted Hungarian public group of that time including Jozsef Boszik, Zoltán Czibor, Nándor Hidegkuti, Sandor Kocsis and the running significant himself, Ferenc Puskas. The Hungarians were unbeaten in their last 31 games and looked equipped for winning the competition nice and easy, as the smacked in nine objectives against Korea, eight against the West Germans and four against the powerful Brazil while heading to the last.

The main semi-last, played among Hungary and World Cup holders Uruguay, is viewed as being one of best shows of soccer abilities from two very much coordinated and exceptionally gifted groups. Hungary at last winning through 4-2 after extra-time. In the subsequent semi, Germany drifted to a simple 6-1 and triumph against adjoining Austria. รู้เทคนิคแทงบอลรอง

Subsequent to being beaten 8-3 by Hungary, no one gave the West Germans a very remarkable possibility, besides obviously the West Germans themselves. Anyway they appeared to be en route to one more soccer example as Hungary wearing their customary red soccer garbs went into a 2-0 lead with early objectives from Puskas and Czibor. The West Germans were staggered right into it and immediately shook in two objectives to level. It was 2-2 with grain twenty minutes on the clock. The group anticipated that the Hungarians should move forward a stuff and journey away with the game. The West German protection eminently marshaled by Captain Franz Walther waited. The Hungarian group appeared to be feeling the impacts of their additional time fight with Uruguay, and it was West Germany who split away and scored the triumphant objective to win their first World Cup.

The game became known as the Miracle of Bern just in light of the fact that it was entirely broadly expected, to the point that Hungary would beat Germany It was not to be and the legend of the best group never to win a World Cup was conceived.

The Hungarian uprising that came in 1956 saw a finish to the “Fantasy Team” with Kocsis, Puskas, Czibor among others getting away in banishment and sunnier climes. Hungarian football was never to be the equivalent again.

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