The Game of Rugby

Rugby is a group game with the target of scoring a bigger number of focuses than the other group. Focuses can be scored in two ways, either by getting an attempt, or kicking the ball over the crossbar for a punishment. Assuming you score an attempt your group gets 5 focuses, and the choice to get a further 2 by kicking the ball over the crossbar between the posts, this is known as a transformation, so there is a limit of 7 focuses that can be scored from an attempt. An attempt is the point at which the ball is addressed the ground over the contrary groups objective line.

Each group in rugby has 15 players on the field, and up to 7 players on the seat who can be subbed onto the field during the game. The game has two brief parts.

There are two essential situations in the game, the advances and the backs. By and large the advances are greater and more grounded while the backs are more modest however quicker as their job is to run the ball when the advances return it once again to them.

The advances are partitioned into the first column (3 players), the subsequent line (2 players) and the back line (3 players). These gatherings identify with the players position in the scrum which is comprised of three columns of players. The backs are alluded to as the parts (2 players) the 3/4 (4 players) and the fullback. ที่เที่ยวตามหนังไทย

There are many guidelines in the sport of rugby, yet the fundamentals are genuinely simple to get a handle on. The ball should be passed in reverse consistently, however can be kicked advances. Anybody can run with the ball, be that as it may, when you are handled to the ground you should deliver the ball to permit the other group the chance to get it. You should be on your feet to play the ball, so you can’t contact the ball in the event that you are on the ground.

At the point when the ball goes of the pitch to one or the other side, there is a lineout which is like a toss in soccer. One player from the other group will toss the ball once more into play, some of the leftover players (the specific number can shift and is up to the tossing group) will arrange to get the ball. Assuming the ball leaves play at one or the flip side of the pitch it is kicked once more into play from the “22” which is the line 22 meters from the objective line.

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