How to Play Soccer – Fast Paced Attack – Another Free Soccer Drill

When training players how to play soccer, attempt this free soccer drill to assist your group with figuring out how to assault rapidly and get the benefit over the resistance.

Quick Attack 2v2

This drill is one I have involved ordinarily as it is extremely aggressive, exceptionally game like and furthermore offers the mentor the chance to mentor both assaulting and safeguarding standards of soccer The essential set up is to have an area of 20-30 yards wide and 20-30 yards with an objective at each end. Place cones at the midway line, so that pitch is separated into equal parts. The size of the pitch and the size of the objectives ought to be changed in accordance with suit the times of the players. A quick assault is probably the best weapon for your group, as it will surprise the resistance, so be certain and concentrate on this drill and use it to show your group the advantages of a high speed assault when playing soccer.

The games is a 2 v 2 game, yet has the accompanying design. ข่าวไอทีอัพเดท

  1. One of the group begins an assault from their objective line.
  2. When a group is assaulting, the other group needs to put together themselves so one of the protectors quickly turns into a goalkeeper.
  3. The goalkeeper should not partake in the game until they are in the objective region.
  4. The aggressors can’t shoot except if they have crossed the midway line and are in the protectors half of the field
  5. There are no corners, rather the assailants play the ball as an objective kick
    This implies that the assailants are playing against 1 protector and a goalkeeper have a 2 v 1 circumstance

Assaulting Principles that are educated

How could the assault exploit the 1 v 2 circumstance?

The aggressors should hope to exploit the 1 v 2 circumstance in various ways

Width and Depth

The assailants should attempt to use the width and profundity of the playing region for their potential benefit making it difficult for the safeguard to cover the two players immediately.


When a player has a chance to get into the scoring zone, they ought to do as such and afterward promptly have a shot at objective.

This should be a high speed assault to exploit the 2v1 benefit.

Cautious Principles that are instructed

The safeguard should perceive the impediment that they have and attempt to restrict

The protector should figure out how to shield against 2 assailants.

To do this the protector should do various things.

  1. First and foremost the safeguard should situate themselves between the aggressors, adequately close to the assailant with the ball to apply some tension, however not excessively close so the other assailant is given a lot of room and attempt to deny the aggressors
  2. Also, the body position and state of the safeguard ought to be to empower the assailant with the ball to shift aside from the playing region and to deny the aggressor the chance to pass to the next aggressor.

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